Sangestan Industries - Azarnoosh Factories and Quarries Group
Sangestan factory is the largest factory in the Middle East in the processing of building stones.

Azarnoush factories complex consists of the following parts:

1- Infusion block system room

In order to reinforce the blocks coming to the factory, this hall is responsible for injecting epoxy in depth in non-paralled layers. This hall consists of 6 furnaces and a vacuum machine.

2- Stone volume construction hall

In this hall, all kinds of geometric designs with any kind of complexity are made. Manufacturing all kinds of columns and the captials, all kinds of decorative 3D shapes are the products of this hall.

3- Tile hall

This hall has two complete lines, 4 peaks are responsible for processing all kinds of license plates with different widths, the daily production capacity of this unit is about 1000 square meters.

4- Slab processing halls

 in order to produce and process slabs,there are two European processing lines (Bretona and Barsanti) in two separate halls in which 2000 m2 slabs are provided in different sizes,materials and finishings. there are six gang-saws in these two processing lines.In addition,our CNC machine and waterjets will provide our valuable customers with custom orders.

5- Engineering unit

The engineering unit of the factory has a mission with the aim of controlling and maintaining equipment and facilities, as well as developing engineering methods for maintenance and repairs.

6- Quality control unit

In order to ensure the production of quality products, this unit has a mission in the field of quality assurance and quality control. From the beginning of entering the factory to the end of the packaging stage, all stages are carefully controlled and detailed and in accordance with international standard instructions, and finally, with quality control approval, are sent and loaded for domestic and foreign customers.

7- Packing and sending unit

In this unit, according to the customer's request or international standards, all kinds of wooden or metal packaging or in the form of pallets and boxes are designed and made.