The exterior of a villa house with Bright stone and brick

More than seventy types of different designs and colors of marble, travertine and onyx stones from different mines of Iran are available in Sangestan Mahallat company. This unique variety of different stones has made it possible for all modern and classic architects to implement their creative designs and ideas in different parts of the exterior facades of the building.

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The exterior is the first part of a building to be judged. If a building does not have a good exterior, it is difficult to find a good customer for it.

In addition to beautifying the building and the surrounding environment, the exterior serves as a very strong protective layer for the building. The exterior is an integral and essential part of building design because it gives it character.

The facade of the building plays an important role in the beauty of the city and neighborhood. The construction of a building with a view that is inconsistent with other views, messes up the appearance of the city and gives it an unpleasant effect, that is why they have considered specific rules and regulations for each city and region to implement it.

Currently, building facade design is one of the important issues of contractors and architects. In the design of the facade of the building, not only beauty and attractiveness are considered, but other factors such as the rules and regulations of the facade implementation in the region, costs, resistance and insulation of the building should be taken into consideration.

The facade of the building must be resistant to physical damage, temperature changes, freezing, sunlight, earthquake and fire.