Sangestan Industries - Azarnoosh Factories and Quarries Group

* Block stone strengthening hall

Sangestan Mahallat Company is one of the few stone cutting factories in the world that has been able to equip itself with a very important and practical device "block stone reinforcement". In this hall, by injecting epoxy and wind pressure and heat and using the latest technologies in the world, "block stones" reach the level of strength and resistance that can provide the best and highest quality processed slab stones. This hall consists of six furnaces and a vacuum device.

* Stone volume construction hall

With the advanced equipment and specialized and efficient forces that exist in this hall, all kinds of geometric designs with any kind of complexity and any kind of shape structure can be executed on all kinds of marble, travertine, onyx and granite. Making all kinds of columns and column heads, all kinds of decorative volumes and cutting all kinds of shapes and making all kinds of sculptures are the products of this hall. In this hall, there is a "cnc shape mill" machine, two "mono wire" machines, along with complete equipment for making all kinds of stone columns.

* Stone production hall in tile dimensions

In this hall, there are two complete lines "stone production in tile dimensions". Most of the products of this hall include longitudinal stones in the dimensions of forty centimeters, stairs and tables. These productions are mainly done by the four machines that exist in this hall. The daily production capacity of this unit is about one thousand square meters.

* Stone processing halls in slab dimensions

In Sangestan company, there are two large halls for producing stone in the dimensions of slabs. The stones that are produced in these two halls are mainly exported and after the production process, they go to the world markets. In these two halls, two production lines with "Barsanti" and "Breton" brands with a daily production capacity of more than two thousand meters are responsible for processing various types of stones. In these two production lines, a total of six very modern and advanced "sawing machines" have been used, which can produce the largest dimensions of slabs. "CNC" and "Waterjet" milling machines are other notable facilities available in this hall.

 * Engineering Unit

The mission of the factory engineering unit is to control and maintain equipment and facilities, as well as to develop appropriate methods for engineering, maintenance and repair of all devices in the factory.

* quality control unit

The quality control unit of Sangestan factory has been established with the aim of ensuring the production of quality and standard products without defects. The best specialists of Sangestan Mahallat factory are working in this section. The specialists of the quality control unit have the duty to issue all the details in accordance with international control standards from the moment the "stone cut" enters the factory to the end of production and packaging stage, and after final approval, to issue the product to domestic or international customers.

* Packing and shipping unit

In this unit, according to what the customer has requested and the standards that exist in the international arena, the sold stones are packed in metal and wooden packages and sent to the customer.

* "Hand tooling" unit

An important part of the orders of Sangestan Mahallat's customers is related to projects that can be implemented only with the direct force of human hands and minds. For this purpose, a department called "hand tooling" unit has been created in this company that can implement all kinds of tool-based designs.

Sangestan factory is the largest factory in the Middle East in the processing of building stones.