Bedroom with dark marble

More than seventy types of different designs and colors of marble, travertine and onyx stones from different mines of Iran are available in Sangestan Mahalat company. This unique variety of different stones has made it possible for all modern and classic architects to implement their creative designs and ideas in different parts of the interior facades of the building.

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Interior design is the art and science of improving the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more beautiful environment. Interior design is the process of forming and coordinating the beauty of the building from the inside, with the aim of meeting the necessary needs for its easier use.

Stones are one of the most widely used materials in building construction and they are used in almost all parts of the building, from interior and exterior facades to flooring and wall covering and stairs. Stones are the most ideal option for the interior of the building. The use of stone in interior decoration gives the building a great appeal and makes the life of the structure much longer.

Usually, stones are used to decorate the interior spaces, which, in addition to having a good appearance and beautiful design and color, have good resistance to washing and detergents.

Stone is a luxury material that transforms a simple space into a work of art and creates a sense of nature in it. The most widely used stones in interior architecture are granite, marble, and onyx. The use of stone in interior decoration has many fans, and this is not only seen in homes, but also in office spaces and companies, as well as halls and sports complexes.

The resistance of stones to decay and temperature changes has made them an excellent choice for use in construction projects. Since the stones are very resistant to moisture, they can also be used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Although natural stones are more expensive than other building materials, using them can multiply the value of the building. Some building materials lose their popularity over time, but natural stones are always a great choice for building and never lose their popularity.

Stones have heat and sound insulation and are more compatible with the environment compared to other building materials. The stones are free of toxic substances and have high stability due to their interconnected texture.