horse statue

The horse statue is carved from the travertine stone of the "Bukhari Valley of Mahallat County" mine. This work of art is installed in front of the office building of Sangestan Company.

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Sculpture is the art of shaping objects. Any three-dimensional structure that has a special theme and message can be called a sculpture.

In Iranian art that has survived from ancient times, the most stone carving works can be seen in "Takht Jamshid" and its magnificent reliefs. "Takht Jamshid" with more than three thousand reliefs and two thousand five hundred years old, is one of the most famous art collections in the world in terms of architecture and sculpture.

Simorgh statue in Neyshabour, Arash Kamangir statue, Aburihan Biruni statue, Omar Khayyam, Ferdowsi and Amir Kabir statue in Tehran city and Saadi statue in Shiraz city are some of the most famous statues in Iran. 

In addition, examples of the most famous sculptures in the world can be seen in the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art; Such as the sculpture "Therapist" by René Magritte and the sculpture "Standing Woman" and "Walking Man" by Alberto Giacometti.